Education plays an important role in achieving organizational goals through a combination of organizational and the workforce interests. Nowadays, training is an essential factor contributing to greater efficiency of the staff and organizations. One of the main features of in-service training is applicability of theory knowledge to practical in every nursing procedure. 

Nurses play an important role in improving health standards. Hence, they need to be updated about theoretical and practical knowledge in this field. In fact, in-service training serves to update the staff's occupational knowledge and professional skills and improve the best practices for fulfilling various tasks and responsibilities.

Another important aspect concerning the in-service training of the nursing staff is their active participation in such programs which leads to effective learning and development in their field of work. Hence, this e - learning platform has been initiated.

e - learning platform is started with the aim of the following;

v  To enhance self learning at your own pace and convenience.

v  To provide the latest knowledge and skills required for providing quality nursing care.

v  To meet the need of hours of credentials for council registrations.